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WSOP Real Money Online Poker to Launch September 19

September 19 is the date to keep free if you are an avid online poker player in Nevada, as that is the date the real money poker service on will officially be launched.

The announcement was made by Caesars Interactive Entertainment on Monday, with the service to go live at 9:19 am local time (September 19 being 9/19, thus 9:19 am on 9/19). The much anticipated launch of will make it the second real money online poker service in Nevada, with the other being Ultimate Poker, which has enjoyed a monopoly since launching in late April.

There will likely be some strong competition between the two companies after Thursday’s launch and Caesars have put forward some strategies that will immediately give Ultimate Poker a run for its money. One such attribute is that will be Mac friendly, which certainly makes it more attractive to a broader range of players.

Along with the Mac friendliness, the WSOP name will also likely guarantee that it will attract some initial interest from online poker players in the western American state. WSOP (World Series Of Poker, as I’m sure most of us already know) is a brand that is synonymous with poker as well as Las Vegas, the main city of Nevada.

Due to that, it is likely that poker players throughout Nevada will be attracted to the service out of curiosity and intrigue. The question is whether or not will be able to keep those players beyond the short term after their curiosities have been satisfied.

That is something Caesars CEO Mitch Garber hopes will happen. Garber said that the impending launch of the real money service was a major move in what has been a long and distinguished history of the WSOP.

“This is a historic moment for our company,” Garber stated. “This is really the beginning of a domino effect.”

That domino effect, in Garber’s view, is similar to what happened to land-based casino gaming in the US. Nevada was the pioneer city with regard to land-based gaming in the country, which paved the way for the establishment of casinos in other parts of the nation.

He pointed to the fact that other states, like New Jersey and Delaware, have legalised and allowed for an online gaming market to be set up, which is indicative of an online gambling domino effect happening in the US.

“Already, we see that the state of New Jersey has legalized online poker and online casino games and we have made an application for a license in the state of New Jersey as well,” Garber said. “Delaware has legalized online poker. This momentum, we believe, is real, and the state of Nevada is at the very cutting edge and the beginning of what we think is going to be a very large wave of future legalization of online poker and online gaming.”

It is unknown what the future holds for the growing online poker industry in Nevada when launches its real money offering. Whatever ends up happening, Nevada’s online poker market will soon become a lot more interesting.

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