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If there has not yet been any sign that the Nevada real money online poker industry has gotten a bit more competitive, then that will soon change, at least in that state.

The change is set to be seen in the form of an advertising blitz from the newest company on the market, in the coming days. The company’s ad campaign is currently set to occur only in Nevada, where players must be located if they wish to wager on WSOP’s real money online poker site.

It’s the first major push by the Caesars Interactive Entertainment-owned company to be the top dog in the growing Nevada market. Readers will likely remember that the company made its launch in the state ten days ago, making it just the second real money online poker service to operate in Nevada.

According to the Advertising Age, ads will focus primarily on the versatility of being able to play online poker, which it aptly described as the “whenever, wherever availability of online play.” The ads, which will be featured in a wide array of mediums, are also set to highlight the advantages of playing at home via the Internet over playing live.

One of the site’s upcoming radio advertisements is even set to sell the idea that by playing online poker in the comfort of one’s own home, one could be able to win “real money in [their] undies” or even get “a flush while [they] flush.” If there’s anything that says “Welcome to the 21st century,” it just might be having the ability to play poker, and win a massive hand, while doing your business.

As is commonly known, the other real money Internet service currently operating in Nevada is Ultimate Poker, which has been online since the end of April. Ultimate Poker has also put out advertising and promotions in the past, some of them featuring well-known poker professional Antonio ‘the Magician’ Esfandiari.

However, those ads came when the company was still the only one operating in the state, which makes the ad campaign the first one in a competitive online poker market in Nevada. It is something that was to be expected; it was always known that the Nevada market would be a competitive one, mainly due to the state’s small population.

Caesars will especially be hoping that their campaign strikes the right chord among prospective online poker players in the state, as statistics show player traffic numbers for are currently behind its rival. According to PokerScout, has a seven-day player average of 65 players, while Ultimate Poker’s average currently stands at 137.

With other companies still planning to launch Nevada-based real money online poker services in the near future, Caesars has made a good move in launching a widespread ad campaign while is one of only two players in the young market.

Time will tell whether that campaign gets more players on the site.

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