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WPN's 'The Beast' Promo Offers Better Value

Online grinders who enjoy leaderboard races in which thousands of dollars and free tournament entries can be won will be pleased to know that the structure of the Winning Poker Network’s ‘The Beast’ promotion has been revamped to offer better value to players.

The announcement was made weeks ago to remove the fee that had been charged to players in order to fund The Beast. That fee has since been removed effective April 5 and The Beast is now fully-funded by the rake taken from each pot at no additional cost to players.

In essence, players at the network skins of Black Chip Poker, Americas Cardroom and True Poker will see increased value since they are no longer contributing to fund the “jackpot” of sorts. Another major structural change is that all cash tables are now part of The Beast promotion, whereas prior to April 5, The Beast tables were separate from tables that were not part of the promotion.

In other words, all cash players including those at heads-up tables are now eligible to win prizes in the progressive points race. The Beast runs on a weekly basis, beginning each Saturday at 00:00 and concluding at 23:59 the following Friday.

The Black Chip Poker website clearly spells out how The Beast is fed according to the number of players competing at each cash table. If only two players are seated, every $0.06 in rake will see $0.02 go to The Beast up to a maximum of $0.04. The same $0.02 of every $0.06 holds true for three seated players, except the maximum take for The Beast is $0.08. A table with four or more players, the max is kicked up to $0.24.

The changes to The Beast are right on the money,” said former leaderboard champion ‘MamaCoolj.’ “When The Beast drop comes out of the rake, any Beast payout is gravy.”

The new structure of The Beast promotion may entice some new players who had previously been turned off by the added fee taken to fund the jackpot. It is quite possible that player traffic at WPN, which accepts players worldwide including the U.S., may get a boost due to the promo offering more by taking less.



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Charles Rettmuller

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