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World Cup Frenzy at William Hill

World Cup Frenzy at William Hill

The Football World Cup is quickly approaching. In less than a month, 32 countries will bring their nations’ best players to Brazil to compete for the title of World Champion. In the midst of the craze and anticipation, William Hill joins the party with a fun and exciting promotion, combining two favorite pastimes of many: football and poker!

The World Cup Frenzy promotion is open to both new players and those who already have a William Hill account. All you need to do to participate is opt-in on the William Hill promotion page  and you are all set to go!

How does it work?

Players taking part in the promotion will be earning their seats in special Betout Tournaments. This is a completely new type of tournament where the event prize pool is multiplied by the odds of the bet the tournament is based on, according to William Hill Sportsbook odds. In the event that any particular bet is valid, the tournament will be played. For example, if you decide to join the tournament “England to Win the World Cup,” this event will only take place if England goes all the way to the finals and then proceeds to win the last match as well. Players registered for this tournament will play for their share of €17,000, while all other bets with the same condition, e.g. “Brazil to Win the World Cup” etc., will be canceled.

There are a wide variety of bets that are being offered as tournaments so you can make your choices depending on the number of tickets earned. If you find the concept a little confusing, don’t sweat it, it is, after all, a new idea that requires a little more clarification.

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Every offered tournament has the basic prize pool of €500. That number is multiplied with the odds of any particular bet. You could, in fact, observe it as a €500 betting slip and you get your share of the total amount in the end. For example, take the bet “Messi Top Scorer.” Odds on this bet are straight up 9:1. This means that the initial €500 is multiplied by 9 and the final prize pool for that particular tournament is €4,500. Odds on “Spain to Reach the Semi-Final” are 2.5:1, so the resulting prize pool is €1,250. Just in case you are not all that familiar with sports betting, this should give you more information on what’s what!

In all honesty, it doesn’t get much better than this, as after a day at the tables, you get to relax while watching some great football and on top of all that you can make some free money, as you get to place some totally risk-free bets. And even for someone who is not that much into other sports (like yours truly), there is no denying that watching the game with some bets hanging in the balance multiplies the excitement greatly.

Another great thing about the Betout Tournaments is that you don’t even need to be there when they take place – if you are registered for the event, you are in with a chance to win cold hard cash, bonus money, tournament tokens, or free bets.

The important thing to bear in mind is that only 35% of a tournament prize pool is paid in cash, and that is the amount that will be displayed as the prize pool in the tournament lobby. The rest of the prizes will be paid up to 72 hours after the tournament ends, as follows:

50% bonus money

10% tournament tokens

5% free bets

BTN:Opt in to World Cup Frenzy #;

This calculation relates to both the entire prize pool and the individual prizes. This means that if your total prize is €3,000, you would receive €1,050 in cash, €1,500 in bonus money, €300 in tokens, and €150 in free bets.

Earning Tickets

In order to be able to register for the tournaments, players need to earn the tickets. Earning tickets is simple and it happens through completing different challenges, like making a first deposit, earning 100 WHPs playing Speed Poker, play 100 raked hands (on non-Speed cash tables), play a one-hour cash game session (while earning at least 10 WHPs in the process), etc.

You can find the full list of challenges on the William Hill promotion page as well as the list of all the tournaments with odds and prize pools. There are a total of seven week-long qualifying periods starting with April 21 and with the week lasting from June 2nd – June 8th. This means there is still plenty of time to get in on the action and make the most exciting sporting event of the year even more nail-biting as making a few good bets could earn you some nice spending money or at least cover the World Cup beer and snacks expenses!

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