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Winamax Deals 1 Billionth Hand .... and Promo Continues

Winamax dealt its one billionth cash hand at around 2:00 a.m. Sunday, an accomplishment that was punctuated by a promotion that gave away a guaranteed €100,000 in cash to players seated at the table of each milestone hand beginning with hand no. 990,000,000.

The milestone hands were scheduled to be every 100,000th hand up to and including the big one billionth hand. However, when the major milestone was reached after about 10 days of action since 990 million, Winamax had not yet met its guarantee of doling out €100,000, PokerScout reported.

Though organizers of the promotion originally envisioned that players would be awarded bonuses in 101 jackpot hands culminating in the billionth hand celebration, the promotion continued since all the cash allocated for the promo had not been given away. An additional 10 milestone hands every 100,000 beyond 1 billion were included in the promotion until the 1,001,000,000th hand was dealt and the jackpot total of €100,290.04 was reached.

Players at milestone hands were rewarded cash according to a formula that depended upon the length of time playing at the table and the number of Miles earned prior to the jackpot hands. That made it difficult for Winamax to gauge exactly when €100,000 in cash bonuses might be reached. The promo did clearly state that milestone hands would continue even beyond the 1 billionth hand until player accounts had received at least €100,000 in bonus cash.

The promotion proved extremely successful for Winamax. At one point, cash game traffic at the French-facing site was up 28%. Winamax remains the industry leader in the French market.



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