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VC Introduces New Room for Entraction’s Blocked Players

Victor Chandler (VC) has launched a new poker room on the Microgaming network, serving players from countries recently banned by VC’s Entraction skin.

The move comes after Entraction blocked players from Canada, Israel, Norway and Russia. Players from Turkey were also banned, though VC will not enter the legally dubious Turkish market.

The move is expected to insulate Entraction from risky unregulated markets, though the company’s choice to avoid Canada and remain in Italy, home to the bulk of the network’s players, is strange. Currently Italians are playing under non-regulated rake structures at networks like Entraction and ENET.

Andy Horne, Victor Chandler’s head of poker, told PokerUpdate that the Microgaming room is just for players from Canada, Israel, Norway and Russia at the moment.

However, in the new year Victor Chandler will offer a multi-platform option between Entraction and Microgaming for all players that will be “the world’s strongest multi-platform,” according to Horne.

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