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Ultimate Poker Million Dollar Summer Campaign Launched

It’s already been a huge summer for poker in the US state of Nevada, with the World Series of Poker (WSOP) going on along with the continuing establishment of an online gaming industry in the state.

Now Nevada’s summer’s set to be even bigger for poker after Ultimate Poker’s announcement of its ‘Million Dollar Summer’ promotion. The company announced the campaign earlier this week as a way to capitalise on Nevada’s current focus on poker and the increase in poker players in the state for the WSOP.

Ultimate Poker Director of Marketing Jonah Midanik said the company hoped to attract more poker lovers in the state to register on Ultimate Poker as a result of the promotion, which started on Friday.

“Our promise to our players on is that we will be giving away $1 million over the course of the summer, to those that are here and can play in Nevada,” he said. “This is our way of giving back to our current players and reaching out to the tourists that are playing the big live events this summer.”

Among the giveaways that are part of the promotion is a $50 deposit players for players who deposit at least $50 on their account by midnight June 22 and play 100 raked cash game hands by midnight June 24. Persons who tweet photos of themselves wearing an Ultimate Poker patch at a live Nevada poker table will also be in the running to win cash prizes from the company.

There are also other cash prizes to be given out as part of the summer campaign, as well as Station Casino and Ultimate Fighting Championship packages. Ultimate Poker’s owners, Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta, also own the casino and Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

The Million Dollar Summer comes as a number of gaming companies aim to follow Ultimate Poker into establishing online poker services in the newly established Nevada online gaming market. The WSOP has previously outlined plans to launch a real money service in the state at the end of this summer and already has a play money service up and running.

A promotion for WSOP’s soon-to-be established poker operations has also been undertaken throughout its event in Las Vegas, which it has used to advertise the service. The broad reach of the WSOP is one that would make it a strong rival for Ultimate Poker in Nevada’s online market. That puts the currently hyped company at risk of losing potential players to WSOP’s future service and other poker operations that may be soon be launched.

Ultimate Poker will be hoping that its Million Dollar Summer campaign will be successful and thereby diminish those risks that may threaten its future potential.

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