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UB Super User Scandal To Be Chronicled In "Ultimate Beat"

The Super User cheating scandal at UltimateBet that shook the online poker industry several years ago and may have convinced many potential players from ever trusting online poker sites will be revealed in detail in a documentary film.

“Ultimate Beat” is being put together by film maker Scott Bell, who is known on Internet poker forums as ElevenGrover. Bell has been researching and writing about the online cheating incident for several years. In a recent interview with QuadJacks, he said that he was preparing to release a compilation of blog posts in text form about the scandal, but realized it would be difficult for interested readers to troll through the voluminous documentation and would work better if he put his findings on film.

The Super User Scandal occured in the mid-2000’s when it was learned that UltimateBet insiders were able to use software that allowed for players’ hole cards to be revealed. UB admitted that internal cheating was discovered and refunded some players who lost money due to the scheme. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC), who issued a license to UB to operate a poker site, conducted its own investigation and found that Russ Hamilton, a consultant to UB and pro player who took down the 1994 WSOP Main Event, was the main benefactor of the ill-gotten gains. Although UB said that the loss to players was in the ballpark of $6 million, the KGC found that UB was in the wrong ballpark and that the amount stolen was more like $22 million. To this day, many people feel that the true story was never uncovered and that many of those involved in the cheating scandal managed to escape unscathed.

“The site went to extraordinary lengths to cover its tracks,” Bell said. “Although the collective investigation that took place in 2008-2009 was really amazing, what was presented as what had happened, didn’t really happen. What really happened is that the company payed a lot less back than they reported, they made up a lot of silly stories as to why they couldn’t provide an audit trail or hand histories, and the people involved at the height of the cheating have never answered the first questions.”

“Ultimate Beat” will reveal how UB honchos attempted to cover up the incident and that many players got shafted by the cheating without ever being reimbursed. Bell is hoping to release the film via video-on-demand and DVD in a few months.



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