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Two Street Hold'em Set for Trial Run at Ultimate Poker

Trailing the pack in both regulated online poker markets of Nevada and New Jersey, Ultimate Poker is hoping that the rollout of a new Texas Hold’em variant know as Two Street Hold’em will attract new cash players to its sites.

Two Street Hold’em consists of only two rounds of betting – pre-flop and post-flop. Players wager after receiving their hole cards, after which the entire board of five community cards are revealed. Another round of betting ensues before the winning hand scoops the pot.

The brainchild of UP Poker Product Manager Chris Danek, Two Street Hold’em will make its debut on Monday, February 10 during a live play-money game in Las Vegas that will include UP pros Jason Somerville, Brent Hanks and Dan O’Brien. Two seats remain open and players who would like to participate are advised to send a tweet @cdanek or @UltimatePoker to request an invite.

The stakes will be $1/2 with a $1 ante for the experimental test run that UP plans to offer at its Nevada site on a limited basis for four hours beginning February 14. Four more hours of Two Street Hold’em (TSH) will also be available at the site each day on Feb. 15 and 16.

Danek explains that his job description includes “to find the things that people have fun doing, and bring them to our software.” Expressing a profound love for poker, Danek also mentions that achieving success at Texas Hold’em requires a bit too much folding for his tastes. Craving more action, the concept of TSH was born.

The new Texas Hold’em variant sounds intriguing, with the ante and fewer rounds of betting a possible recipe for increased action post-flop. UP is hoping that the game finds favor with recreational players and brings with it a wave of new money to online poker tables – which the industry sorely needs at this time.



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Charles Rettmuller

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