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Two Street Hold'em Online Launch Postponed

The launch of Two Street Hold’em, a Texas Hold’em variant that was to make its online debut at Ultimate Poker today, has been postponed.

The game’s creator, UP Poker Product Manager Chris Danek, advised those interested in the online rollout via Twitter that he decided to “push 2 Street Holdem to next wk.” Still to be tended to are some software issues as well as a decision on the ante amount and whether to feature the game at 9-max or 6-max tables.

In Two Street Hold’em, two hole cards are dealt to players after antes and blinds are posted. A round of betting is followed by five community cards being turned face up on the board. Another round of betting ensues before the best hand wins.

Danek’s idea is to increase action in the pot at showdown due to less rounds of wagering. A live free-play trial scheduled for earlier this week apparently led to the decision that a bit more refinement was needed before launching the game online at UP’s Nevada poker site.

The original plan was for Two Street Hold’em to be rolled out online on a limited basis for four hours today, tomorrow and Sunday. The new game’s Internet debut will now have to wait until given the go-ahead by Danek and the brass at UP.



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