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The "End" of Lock Poker Welcomed by Players

Lock Poker was recently offline for 12 hours or so due to a “data centre outage in Curaçao” that also affected a number of other sites whose servers are located in the same jurisdiction.

But prior to a Lock representative named Emily informing concerned players of the outage and promising that there was “Nothing to worry about” and “We (Lock) will be online soon,” several posters at 2 + 2 thought that Lock had finally shutdown for good. Those players are fully expecting the demise of Lock Poker to happen eventually, with some who have unpaid funds at the site actually welcoming a shutdown.

Some samplings from 2 + 2 posters:

It looks like the ‘game’ is finally over,” wrote ‘RandyCodd.’ “Actually, in a weird way it is a relief for me. I grew tired months ago of chasing $$$ I knew in my heart (from experience) I would never see. To be honest, it turned my stomach that unsuspecting new depositors were being ripped off. Every chance I had at lock tables I informed players of the situation. When I wasn’t barred (or at least warned) I knew there was no hope to see a penny of the $$$ I was owed. Seriously, the whole thing stinks to me. I’m just glad this Lock Poker thing is finally over. They were nothing but crooks IMO and I hope karma comes back to bite them in the azz!”

‘Worm1111’ chimed in with “def gotta be the end the webpage wont even load… the nightmare is over… looks like im going back to facebook poker lol…”

“It has been ‘the end’ for lock poker for many months now,” added ‘jackpot_1mil.’

It apparently is not the end as of yet. The site is again up and running and there are “11 players at Lock cash tables,” stated a recent post by ‘IHasTehNutz.’ “Yep, I’d say everything’s back to normal.”

That normal includes a list of 392 players compiled by ‘IHasTehNutz’ who are owed a grand total of $978,228.69 as of July 13, 2014. The majority of those players have been waiting over a year for their funds.

Some of those players continue to hold out hope that payment will be forthcoming. Others, as recent posts suggest, just want the whole mess to be over with and Lock Poker to go away.

The Poker Players Alliance stepped in about three months ago and sent a letter to Lock representatives requesting an open dialogue and transparency with regard to payment processing procedures or, more succinctly, the lack thereof. Lock has thus far chosen not to respond and past history lends one to believe that an answer to the PPA inquiry is likely not a priority.

That has led the PPA to issue the following “Warning on Lock Poker” in its Weekly Update:

Due to continued nonpayment of player funds by Lock Poker, along with their refusal to respond to inquires by PPA, PPA has shared with the Department of Justice player concerns regarding this site. We did this in person during regular meetings on ongoing Full Tilt Poker remission. In the meantime, we warn extreme caution when depositing on Lock Poker. We also strongly warn affiliates to remove Lock Poker ads and positive reviews.”

As I wrote a couple of days ago, cash player traffic at Lock has decreased from a seven-day average of 55 players in late April to 35 at present, according to PokerScout estimates. That’s still too many players considering the site is in arrears nearly $1 million, with the likelihood that the total is well over that amount due to some players choosing not to be included on the list of ‘IHasTehNutz.’

I can understand that some players with money on Lock don’t want to believe that their funds will be lost and continue patronizing the site. But all the warnings are there, chronicled meticulously by ‘IHasTehNutz’ and confirmed by the PPA.

Logging on and playing at Lock Poker at this point appears to be a futile waste of time and money. Yet action at the cash tables continues. The “end” would likely come much sooner if those players heeded the warnings issued.

The most recent post at 2 + 2, as of this writing, on the Lock Poker payout scam:

Lock poker is 100% functional again,” stated ‘nowitsover.’ “Looks like they have no plan to stop milking unsuspecting players. Truly sickening…”



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