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Table Limit Increased For Zoom Poker Players

PokerStars has increased the maximum amount of tables permitted to be played on Zoom Poker, the fast-folding variant of Full Tilt’s Rush Poker.

Fast-acting multi-tablers can now seat themselves at eight Zoom cash tables simultaneously. Previously, PokerStars’ policy was to allow a maximum of 24 non-Zoom tables to be played at one time by multi-tablers. Under that format, one Zoom table was seen as the equivalent to four regular speed ring game tables. The new limit amends the equivalency factor to only three cash tables per a single Zoom table.

Also, the 24-table maximum is no longer a hard and fast rule thanks to Randy “nanonoko” Lew, who set a Guinness World Record in January for playing the most online poker hands in an eight-hour period and turning a profit. The multi-tabling expert was allowed to go over the 24-table limit for his marathon, playing nearly 40 tables at some points, racking up 23,493 hands in his record-setting adventure. Lew turned a profit of $7.65, averaging 48.94 hands per minute and 2,936.63 hands each hour. But the statistic probably most important to multi-tablers is the 22,784 Frequent Player Points (FPPs) that Lew accumulated in his eight-hour workday.

Lew’s accomplishment was indirectly responsible for PokerStars’ updating its software and subjecting players to an automated system that allows for the maximum number of tables to exceed 24 if a player can act quicker than the average allotted time. Players who act slower than average will also see their maximum table limit reduced. Also, players are allowed to mix and match Zoom tables with regular speed table action.

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Charles Rettmuller

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