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Switch Poker Launches New Website

Online Poker Operator, Switch Poker, has launched its new website and a new promotion that provides a challenge to high volume players.

The new website will feature an upgrade to its current software and interface as well as a new promotion. The new site will be much easier to navigate than its predecessor and will provide customer friendly features.

In addition to changes in the website, Switch Poker has announced the introduction of a promotion called “Shoot for Gold Medals”. The promotion will allow players to compete against each other for an Olympic style medal structure. Players will receive points for achievements and milestones relating to the number of days played, big hands, stakes played, and win rates. The medal tally will be displayed on the respective seats at a Switch Poker Table. Ultimately, the promotion will have a leaderboard that will determine the bronze, silver, or gold status.

The basic list of the current medal categories is available on the site,, and several other categories will follow the initial offerings.

Switch Poker, the first primarily online mobile poker offering, hopes that the new promotion will attract players who are looking to compete for these medals. The company believes that these types of competitions will help boost traffic on the relatively new site.

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