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StanJames Offers Game Controls

Leading UK bookmaker StanJames are the first operator to offer game controls to poker players.

Today, StanJames revealed these controls, which will allow players to limit the games they can join. It is hoped that these controls will help ensure recreational poker players do not succumb to tilt and get more enjoyment out of the game.

Players can choose from one of eight control groups depending on what they feel comfortable with.

The Head of Poker at StanJames, Richard Cunningham gave PokerUpdate the following statement:

“StanJames Poker are proud to be the first operator to offer customers these new game control settings from Microgaming. The settings will prove invaluable toplayers wanting a quick and easy display of the type of table limit that suits them while ensuring total visibility, preventing them from tilting at high levels than their bankroll dictates. We hope that this will allow our players to enjoy their cards for longer, as they know that only the tables highlighted to them are at the limits they feel comfortable with. As a responsible and trusted brand on the Microgaming network, we are constantly looking into way of enhancing game play, while protecting our customers and providing a safe and secure platform to enjoy their poker. We are pleased that the Microgaming control settings take StanJames Poker yet another step in the right direction”

Microgaming operators seem to be straddling the line between player protection and making the game too robotic. All operators are attempting to protect their recreational player base, but the solutions always assume that enjoyment is synonomous with time. Auto-folding poor hands, RushPoker and other similar versions of Hold’em that have emerged recently make the game more exciting temporarily, but cynics have voiced concerns that making the game more robotic and solvable will likely have consequences.

Only time will tell whether this initiative will be appreciated by StanJames’ customers.

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