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Real-Money Zynga Poker Becoming A Reality

FlopTurnRiver have stated that Zynga, the gaming company on Facebook with the popular title Zynga Poker, are in talks with a number of different partners on bringing real-money games to the poker market.

At this point in time, Zynga Poker has over seven million players on Facebook per day, making it the most popular poker application on the social-networking website. Currently, those using it can only win play-chips, which is acquired by referring friends and purchasing them for real money, along with the standard method of winning them.

It is believed that in order for Zynga Poker to become a real-money poker client, it would have to partner with those already accepted to future gambling laws, either bwin.Party or 888Holdings seem the most likely candidates of running this, both have affiliated with casinos in the US. Others that have been considered are Betfair, Bodog, and Bet365. Nevertheless, it’s still months before anything finalised will happen.

The other choice, would be to start from scratch and attempt to make their own poker client, if it is able to establish itself around the time US gaming law changes, it could place itself as a market leader once again, similar to what it has done over at Facebook, and if this message from professor and lawyer Nelson Rose has anything to go by, US law could change sooner than we think. Zynga certainly have the funding to try, having recently managed to make $1 billion through public offering in December 2011.

It means now that Pokerstars could have significant competition once again. shows that the world’s most popular poker site has almost as many active players online as every other site and network combined. With PartyPoker’s exit from the US back in 2006 and with Full Tilt currently out of operations until an agreement with the DOJ and GBT is finalised, a site like Zynga Poker, which would only need a fraction of it’s player base to want to play poker online for real-money, could be healthy for the poker-market.

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