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Pro Jonathan Driscoll on Grinding Betfair Poker Online

Canadian poker pro Jonathan Driscoll has WSOP, WPT and EPT cashes to his name, but his living is made grinding the games online. PokerUpdate sat down to talk with him about why he chose Betfair Poker as his online home.

PU: What made you choose Betfair Poker for your grinding?

JD: Well the iPoker network is obviously a huge network with plenty of regular and recreational players, so that’s a big draw for me – a big player pool. Also Betfair is a big-name company so there’s a lot of security in playing there – it’s not like I’m going to log in one day and find Betfair has gone! They also seem to try very hard to make the promotions relevant to hardcore grinders like me rather than just promos that sound very sexy but are actually very hard to achieve. At the moment I’m in a rake race that’s the biggest one on iPoker [$60,000 Natural Born Grinders ] that gives away tons of cash to over a hundred players every month. Obviously I’m shooting myself in the foot talking about it here, but it seems to have mostly gone under the radar of most regs so I’m happy to take that one down myself! 

PU: How tough is the player pool?

JD: There are certainly some excellent regs on Betfair but because it isn’t just a poker company they also seem to attract a lot of, shall we say, slightly more fishy recreational players through their sports and casino stuff. At the moment they have a World Cup promotion running [Brazil Warm up ] that gives away scratch cards to win a trip to Brazil and other prizes so that is attracting A LOT of recreational players and football fans to the site – which is always good news for a grinder like me!

PU: Do you have to coordinate your play with the promotions that attract the fish?

JD: Well they aren’t all fish so that’s a little bit of a mean way of looking at it, but obviously playing against the good regs all day long isn’t a profitable way to play, so certainly Betfair is an easy choice for me because even when a big sports promotion isn’t running, there’s always the sportsbook stuff that draws non-pro poker players to the site, and they tend to sit on the same site to play poker, so it’s all good.

PU: Do you get good perks from playing at Betfair?

JD: To be honest I’m very happy getting involved in the standard promotions they run as they tend to reward the kind of play I’m putting in anyway. There’s something I’m in called the Milestone Matrix which just keeps dishing out cash as you hit various targets. It’s not something I really think about as I’m playing, but it’s always nice to see lumps of cash being released into my account!

PU: What are the bad things about Betfair Poker?

JD: I don’t really have anything bad to moan about to be honest. I’ve already mentioned that the size of the company is a positive for me, and that also means they have a massive customer support system that always deals with any problems instantly anyway. [Betfair have just added Live Chat to their customer support services – Ed.]

PU: So what’s next for you?

JD: Basically more grinding, but I’m also looking forward to heading out to Vegas for the WSOP November Nine as a very good friend of mine, Marc Etienne McLaughlin, is on that final table so that’s going to be HUGE for all of us heading out there. Then I’ll be getting ready for the iPoker IPOPS V online championships when that hits mid-to-late November I think.

PU: Good luck at the tables Jon and good luck to Marc out in Vegas! Thanks for your time.

JD: A pleasure.


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