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PokerVIP Launches Interactive Poker School

Online affiliate PokerVIP has launched a new Interactive Poker School that will allow poker players to learn the game through videos, articles, and a virtual classroom.

The Interactive Poker School features a unique virtual classroom that utilizes visual and hands-on techniques to teach the basics and strategy of poker. Currently, the school features two course levels (Beginner, Intermediate) that contain 25 lessons for the game such as Pre-Flop Basics and Bankroll Management.

Each lesson features a unique interactive hybrid test and game that challenges players to answer a number of poker questions within a given time. Players are able to determine relative skill by comparing their results to others on a Leaderboard. Although seasoned veterans may find lessons such as Hand Rankings to be quite easy.

The Interactive Poker School also allows players to create their own lessons to challenge friends and provide a new competition for the school. The new lesson feature provides an opportunity for school members to share ideas and truly have an interactive experience. Poker players can email the team at PokerVIP (E-mail) for more information about creating lessons.

The PokerVIP team has also added a feature that allows players to earn cash prizes for participation in the school. Players are able to earn a free bankroll while learning and competing in the interactive poker lessons. After completing the courses in the beginner section, participants will be allowed to take a ‘Final Exam’ that features WSOP Main Event winner Joe Hachem. Members who score higher than 80% on the ‘Final Exam’ will win a free $25 bankroll. Also, the top 3 overall users each month will be awarded bigger cash prizes including $250 in a poker account of the player’s choice!

In addition to the unique interactive features, the PokerVIP school also offers strategy articles and videos from top online coaches such as James “SplitSuit” Sweeney and Paul “Internet” Otto. These articles and videos provide advanced players with the tools to succeed at the respective stakes.

The PokerVIP Interactive School is featured in the newly renovated site that features content such as rakeback deals, poker products, and poker related media. Members are able to access an array of poker related content through PokerVIP sites like and The site also plans to launch a social desktop application, PokerCube, which allows players to track and post online poker hands in a replayer and reader friendly format.

The Edinburgh based company has created a poker conglomerate that allows players of all skills to enjoy the game of poker through several different mediums. For more information and a great experience, visit the new site!

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