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Pokerstars World Cup of Poker Begins Saturday, November 22

Are you an online poker player in the U.S. who misses the good old days when logging onto PokerStars and competing against players from around the world could be done regularly? Do you miss hitting a flush on the river that sends a player from Russia or Australia to defeat?

Those days do remain, albeit under a play-money format. And national pride will be on display this weekend for the start of the 10th annual World Cup of Poker at PokerStars. Players from 96 countries, including the U.S., will be waging battle on the virtual felt, representing their countries with the goal of erecting their nation’s flag at the top of the mount at PokerStars as play-money World Cup champions.

The quest for the World Cup begins this Saturday

The action is set to begin on November 22 in a 1K Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em Multi-Table Tournament. Players in any one of 96 countries can enter with 1,000 play-money chips.

November 23 marks the second day of 1K Heads-Up NLHE competition (Day 1A) for the group of countries not scheduled to begin on the previous day. The countries are divided into eight groups of 12 and the winning countries from each group will move on to the next round of competition.

The next date and play-money buy-in for those moving on to later rounds is November 29, as a series of 10K Heads-Up NLHE tourneys are scheduled. Those events will be followed by the Quarter Finals on December 6 when eight countries will square off in four 25K Heads-Up NLHE tournament matches with 20 million chips added to the prize pool.

Players are advised that competition can be entered at any stage as long as your country is still alive and you are willing to pony up the play-money buy-in for the particular round that you are entering.

By December 13, only four countries will remain. Those four will enter semi-final action in two 50K Heads-Up tournaments that will see 50 million additional chips in the prize pool.

Finals just before Christmas

The losers will play a Third Place Play-Off for 100K on December 20 (50 million chips added). Two hours later at 14:00 ET, the 100K World Cup of Poker Final will commence between players from the top two countries, that is if room remains on the virtual felt after PokerStars adds 200 million in play-chips to the pot.

The U.S. came out on top as World Cup champions in 2007. Costa Rica has won twice –the first two years that the World Cup was played. No other country has won more than once since, with Poland, Germany, Peru and Taiwan some of the winners. Russia is the defending champion.

If you’ve been itching to get back to playing on PokerStars, or play there regularly on the play-money tables, why not represent the U.S. and do your country proud? For more information on the PokerStars World Cup of Poker, click here.



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