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PokerStars to Give Limit Hold'em Some Respect

Although limit hold’em has often been treated as the red-headed stepchild of the poker world, PokerStars is attempting to change that image by hosting a Limit Hold’em Challenge featuring a heads-up match between Daniel Negreanu and rUaBot, an online limit hold’em specialist.

Scheduled for May 5 at 2 pm, the two poker legends will face-off by playing 1,250 hands on two tables at stakes of $200/$400 with bankrolls of $75,000 each.

rUaBot, who chooses to keep his real identity under wraps, feels that the limit game should get more respect among poker strategists. “In my opinion, fixed limit is more strategic than no limit,” rUaBot said. “In no-limit, you always have some guessing games like ‘would he bluff here or wouldn’t he?.’ Of course, such situations often happen in fixed-limit, too, but there is much more space for general strategic adaptions than in no-limit.”

A scan of just about any online poker site lobby clearly shows that players prefer no-limit by a wide margin over fixed-limit action. However, there has always been and probably always will be that segment of players who enjoy limit poker. With the trend in online poker as of late toward enhancing the game for recreational players, its surprising that fixed limit still gets a bit of the short shrift. Perhaps the Limit Hold’em Challenge can begin to change that.

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Charles Rettmuller

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