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Pokerstars To Celebrate 100-billionth Hand in June

If you have played on Pokerstars lately, you probably noticed the 100-billionth hand branding on their tables and lobby.

PokerStars is expecting to deal its 100-billionth hand in June and is celebrating this really incredible milestone by giving away $5,000,000 in cash prizes across a range of exciting ring game, tournament, and Sit & Go promotions.

They have an interesting way of distributing the $5,000,000 cash prize; they will be running 300 milestone hands, from hand 99,700,000,000 through to hand 100 billion. These milestone hands will feature significantly increased cash rewards. Unlike other milestone hands, the 100 billion hand milestone will then be further celebrated with a series of special promotions in the 3 weeks following, all with their own big cash prizes.

Now it gets even better for the 100-billionth hand winner, which is currently projected to take place on June 14th, will reward a total of $1 million, with the winner of the landmark hand set to win at least $100,000 and each player at the table at least $10,000. Winning at least $10,000 and possibly $100,000 for just participating in a poker hand sounds pretty good but it doesn´t end there; for this special milestone hand, every player will also earn $2,000 per VPP earned in their previous 50 hands at the table.

Don´t get sad if you weren´t on the table which 100-billionth hand was dealt, Pokerstars has something for you too; everyone sat at real money ring game tables, who is playing in the same type of game (e.g. Hold’em, Omaha) structure (e.g. No-Limit, Pot-Limit) and stake (e.g. $0.25/$0.50, $1/$2) as the 100-billionth hand table when it is dealt, will share the rest of the money available – expected to be in excess of $500,000.

In a recent press release, Alex Payne, Chief Marketing Officer of PokerStars, said “100 billion hands represents the play of millions of people who love the game – whether they play occasionally, never miss a Sunday Millions tournament or are professionals. 100 billion is an incredible number of hands, the result of many years of support and dedication from our players to whom we constantly strive to deliver a better experience for each and every day, our players have really enjoyed our milestone hand promotions on this Road To 100 Billion, so we really wanted to make this one memorable. This is a fun celebration that all our players can participate in.”

There are more than ring games prizes and promotions. Over the course of the celebration, PokerStars is running a series of special promotions:

• World Record Tournament (June 16th) – PokerStars will be hosting a $300,000 guaranteed World Record Tournament

• Golden Sit & Go’s (June 17th-23rd) –See for more info.

• Zoom 100 (June 23rd) – the first ever $1 million guaranteed Zoom tournament, which will feature a $109 buy-in and $100,000 for first place.

• Ultimate Freeroll (June 30th) – the month-long promotion will culminate in a $1 million freeroll, which can only be entered by answering some trivia questions or making a deposit.

Online poker is becoming legal in various states one by one, Pokerstars is about to deal 100 billionth hand, is sun about to shine over online poker again?

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