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PokerStars Release Test Version of Zoom

PokerStars introduced the hotly anticipated “fast-paced ring game product” to its test server today. Zoom has has been touted in the online community as the successor to Full Tilt’s extremely popular Rush Poker format.

Zoom compares well so far – Like Rush Poker it is limited to 4 tables maximum and includes a “fast fold” feature allowing players to quickly move on to another hand at a new table and with new players.

“It is exactly like rush”, enthused one TwoPlusTwo forum poster.

PokerStars introduced the game on its website today as coming soon and instructed readers to “stay tuned for more details”. An early March release has been touted by PokerStars representatives, depending on any issues that arise during the testing phase.

The small relative screen-footprint of the format makes the Zoom an ideal future addition to PokerStars’  mobile client, currently available to UK customers only.

Following their success with the format, Full Tilt briefly provided a version of Rush Poker for Android devices before they were forced to cease operating by the fallout from Black Friday.

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