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PokerStars Makes Change in Satellite Policy

The 2 + 2 community has been on their feet for the past ten days because of changes in PokerStars policy regarding satellite tournaments. On July 10th, a thread appeared informing players that it was not possible to unregister from the target tournament after winning a seat via satellite.

Satellites have been a favorite choice for grinders to turn their FPPs into T$ (tournament dollars), which could basically be turned into real money at close to face value. This is particularly convenient for cash and SNG grinders because converting points this way gives way better value than exchange rates in the VIP store for everyone but the top VIP tiers.

The change that caused dissatisfaction with many players mandated that players would have to play out their first entry and receive T$ for subsequent entries. Numerous members of the forum chimed in to express their opinion that the change was not fair and that they failed to see the reasoning behind it.

The policy stayed in place for a few days and it seemed that players would not be getting their way. However, PokerStars eventually relented and confirmed that the change would be reversed by Monday, July 21st, which is today.

In their statement, PokerStars named two reasons for reversing the change. One was a software bug on mobile devices, while the other actually acknowledged the fact that the recent change failed to consider a number of players who took a hit on the value of their FPPs.

The goal of this change is to ensure that satellites are achieving their intended purpose to help players qualify for tournaments that they might not otherwise play. However, the change had an additional substantial, but unintended, negative impact on the value of VIP rewards for a subset of players.”

This once again caused joy among players as those who use their FPPs for T$ can now revert to the old policy. PokerStars did say that they are definitely planning to reinstate the change once the proper conditions are met. However, before this can happen, they will need to solve the bug with the mobile app and also make sure that the value of FPPs is not impacted in such a significant way.

So for now, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief as all important FPPs will not be losing their value for the time being. It will be interesting to see what the future brings, as Stars are clearly intent on changing their approach in certain matters.

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