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Pokerstars Launch Innovative Social Media Hand Replayer

Meet Boomplayer, a newly developed piece of software integrated in to the Pokerstars client which allows users to share their hands with the world through Twitter and other social media sites at the click of a button.

Once again Stars are showing that they’re ten steps ahead of the pack, continuing their innovative consolidation of their existing market. In an age of social media, the concept itself isn’t groundbreaking, but of course the execution looks spot on and leaves one begging the question “Why is nobody else doing this?”. The progression seems so obvious, yet other ‘players’ in the industry with undoubtedly large development budgets and room to manoeuvre seem to be lagging behind.

Improving the ‘Fun’ factor in poker

There’s a lot of indsutry buzz right now about focusing on improving the user experience of the recreational player, and not just that of the gambler. We’ve heard rumours and murmurings of innovative developments from the likes of 888 and Bwin.Party, but other than the development of Aces Hangout, a Google+ based application allowing users to bring their home game online and interactive (which admiteddly looks rather awesome), we haven’t seen much else.

The general Industry vibe is one of innovative, adapt, or die. It’s refreshing, and it’s really the attitude we need to ensure the long term viability of the industry and to achieve a more welcoming, enjoyable and sustainable experience for online poker players. 





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