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PokerStars Keen on Attracting Casual Players in NJ

Two PokerStars representatives met with online poker players in New Jersey last week in an effort to obtain feedback as to ways that its soon-to-be launched poker site can best address the needs of its loyal customers.

On the surface, it may appear as though the meet and greets were mostly for PokerStars players who can best be labeled as regulars. After all, would recreational players be interested in attending and sharing their viewpoints considering that poker likely does not consume their time as much as it does the grinders who toil away on the virtual felt day in and day out?

It seems that much of the discussion at at least one of the gatherings that took place at restaurants in Atlantic City and Jersey City last week was focused on casual players. Attracting more recreational players and keeping them coming back was apparently discussed at length, according to posts at 2 + 2 made by attendees of the get-togethers.

New Jersey players provide insight regarding gatherings

I went to the private dinner meeting with 9 other players and the 2 Poker Stars Reps,” posted ‘njpokerplayer24.’ “First off let me say i felt way unqualified to be at that meeting compared to the accomplishments of the other players there. But the main point of discussion on the left side of the table was how to attract the casual player back into playing online poker.”

Another player who attended, ‘Jersey Jay,’ echoed the sentiments of ‘njpokerplayer24’ by posting, “There was plenty of conversation around casual players, and making deposits easy and solving geolocation frustrations.”

PokerStars has shown a knack for attracting both regs and casual players via their loyalty program and promotions such as ‘milestone hands’ that typically boost player traffic significantly. We can likely expect much of the same once New Jersey gaming regulators finally approve the application for an igaming license submitted by parent company Amaya that is expected soon.

Late October launch?

Another tidbit of information gleaned from players who attended the meet and greets was that a PokerStars launch in New Jersey may occur as soon as mid to late October. It should be stated, however, that ‘njpokerplayer24’ finds that timeline a bit optimistic and a “best case scenario.” Later in 2014 is perhaps more realistic.

Back to the matter of casual players, it is widely known in online poker circles that recreational players are key to the success of poker sites. Nothing better than fresh depositors who enjoy playing but tend not to withdraw. It can be argued that grinders are equally important, generating huge rake by playing many tables simultaneously.

PokerStars has certainly found a balance in catering to both ends of the spectrum with regard to skill levels of its players. Based on the accounts of players who happened to partake in the free food and drink gatherings last week hosted by the industry giant, the player pool in New Jersey (whenever that may be) will follow much the same course and won’t neglect the recreational crowd.



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