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Pokerstars Directs Traffic to Full Tilt Poker

Recently, we saw the launch of a new Full Tilt Poker promotion, being pushed on both the Pokerstars and FTP clients, that has drawn attention to possible concerns for the worlds biggest poker site regarding the current standing of their latest investment.

The promotion is simple, pair your Full Tilt Poker account with your Pokerstars account, allowing for the easy flow of funds between both sites, and receive a $20 bonus to play with on the FTP client. A generous offer, but what does this latest deal tell us about Pokerstars confidence in the current performance of their acquisition, Full Tilt Poker.

The story is well documented, Pokerstars bailed FTP out in 2012 on the back of a year of uncertainty following ‘Black Friday’, buying the company and paying back the players who had funds locked up on the site.

Pre April 2011, Pokerstars and FTP ruled the market, there was a notable gulf in traffic between the two titans of the online poker industry, and the rest of the competition. Pokerstars recovered admirably in the face of adversity after the controversy surrounding Black Friday, developing a near monopoly in the absence of Full Tilt. However, since their $731 million expenditure on their former rival network, Pokerstars interests have obviously changed, wanting to see FTP flourish and return to its former glory.

To a degree that goal has been achieved, FTP sits second in the rankings for traffic on poker networks worldwide, but by no means is it a comfortable second place. Party Poker and the iPoker network are exceptionally close to Full Tilt in all statistically categories, a stark contrast to the situation prior to Black Friday. With the aforementioned sites continuing to expand and increase their player pool, it makes sense that Pokerstars would attempt to protect its ‘sister sites’ position as the number two in the market by redirecting some of its vast amount of traffic to FTP through promotions such as the one that recently commenced. 







The aim of course will be that players will be happier to transfer some of the Pokerstars funds over to Full Tilt, and play on both networks, thus keeping Pokerstars’ traffic at a consistent level, while increase that of FTP. Also of course, it gives players the chance to play on the network for free with their $20 bonus, which will only be playable on Full Tilt, hopefully leading to players building a bankroll, or re-depositing in lieu of that.

While it’s still early days for Full Tilt Poker in the wake of its return to the market in November of last year, and its still a very possible outcome that the network will once again stand beside Pokerstars at the summit of the industry, it seems clear that there is still work to be done in the here and now to rebuild the once great sites player base. 

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