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PokerStars Announces 100 Billionth Hand Promotion

PokerStars has announced the details of its final promotion in its long running “Road to 100 Billion”. The six week promotion will feature a number of cash prizes that amount to $5 million that will provide players with extra incentive to play on the celebrated poker site over the next several weeks.

This edition of the “Road to 100 Billion” promotion will feature a Mega Milestone that will pay out a $1 million prize to the table that is dealt the 100 billionth hand. The winner of this particular pot will receive a minimum of a $100,000 for being involved in the promotion while the other players at the same stakes as this lucky table will share the remainder of the $1 million prize pool.

PokerStars will also run promotions to allow all players including MTTs and SNG players to take part in this historic promotion. Like previous editions of this promotion, players will be awarded cash prizes totaling a $1 million for being involved at each milestone increment over the next six weeks. Furthermore, PokerStars has announced that there will be special promotions totaling $3 million for all players on the flagship site, although exact details have yet to be announced by the site.

PokerStars has been running this promotion for the past few years and it has led to large increases in player traffic during these month long promotions. The dominant market leader has dealt nearly 5 billion hands every 3 months since the beginning of its boom and it has been the most consistent presence in the poker market for the past several years.

The last promotion occurred in February where the 95 billionth hand was dealt. PokerStars player ‘RichB17’ was awarded $23,920 for winning the milestone pot. Each promotion has been a great success and the pinnacle of this “Road to 100 Billion” promises to be better.

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