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PokerAffiliateSolutions Burdened by Communication and Payment Delays

PokerAffiliateSolutions (PAS), the rakeback network, has been crippled by communication and payment problems for months now, according to reports.

A Two Plus Two thread has regained momentum in October as affiliates (called publishers) have complained of unreturned emails and late—or absent—payments.  

A representative from LeggoPoker, who used PAS for rakeback operations, wrote last year:

“All the promises and action plans [PAS and Leggo] spoke about were basically empty and never followed through on with any sense of urgency whatsoever, if at all. They missed email deadlines, put meetings off, and have been completely unresponsive as of a few weeks ago.”

Leggo requested “a fairly large cashout” on July 13, which only was processed around 8 weeks ago. Leggo now operate their own rakeback / VIP services.

PokerAffiliateSolutions closed its own forums in August and rumours are rumbling of a cash shortfall, though logistical headaches are also plausible causes for the delays.

Publishers have received emails from representatives pointing to a “high demand” for withdrawals:

“Please note, we’re currently working on fixing the payment issues that’ve ensued/plagued us recently. The reason for the delays involve the payment processors, as operators have been very slow w/ executing transactions for us. Again, your continued patience is appreciated and we do guarantee you’ll receive your requested cash-out in the days ahead,” a PAS representative wrote in an email.

So a policy of not paying publishers until the cash is in hand from the poker rooms in question is the cause of the delays, the company claims. The decision to hold payments across all sites, rather than just the late paying ones, has frustrated publishers.

“I don’t want to be delayed on my legitimate room offers of sites like Carbon and Party because some lower tier/shadier sites aren’t paying on time,” grumbled ChicagoRy, owner of

US-facing sites have been predictably slow, while Party Poker has been unexpectedly late with payments, according to reports.

“What kind of payment model is this? We work with one suspect skin in a high variance industry and because that one skins doesn’t pay up, you’re not getting commission from any site,” chirped one industry insider.

PokerAffiliateSolutions concedes that it wasn’t fast enough to react to processing problems following Black Friday and has apologized. It claims to be working to resolve the processing delays, and expects normal service to resume by the New Year.

A few posters have reported of being paid, and hopefully thing will improve, though it’s tough to see what will change in the next few months. “What could possibly change between now and ‘next year’ that would improve the situation? They have no way of knowing if rooms are going to start paying on time,” noted SumNewb.

Some fear a repeat of the RakeReduction debacle, where the company shut up shop and ran off with $500k in payments. Hopefully, though, the delays surrounding PAS are down to inefficiency and incompetence, not greed and mismanagement.

“It’s obvious to me PAS, like myself, is getting squeezed and in a really shitty spot, but they should at least be honest and communicate to us about what is causing these delays,” wrote Coxquinn.




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