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Poker Tidbits: Covering New Offerings from Different Sites

Many times in the poker world small improvements get overlooked by the poker news media because they are interesting, but not big enough to warrant a full article.  Well, the remedy for that is here with this little piece about improvements and new offerings around the poker world.


PokerStars introduces Re-Entry Tournaments

PokerStars is offering re-entry tournaments on a beta level right now to see how they go.  The representative from Stars though expects that they will become common occurrence once everything is confirmed working and the bugs are ironed out.  This falls in line with what smaller networks and live tournament series have already done, and is far behind sister site Full Tilt Poker, who introduced them before the scandal that crippled FTP broke over 2 years ago.

For those unaware re-entry is where you can rebuy any time during the late registration, but unlike a normal rebuy tournament, you are seated at a new table.  There is no add-on, and you have to pay the tournament fee again, because you are getting a completely new entry into the tournament. You can re-enter as many times as you want up until late registration ends.

MicroGaming Offers New Wrinkle to “Blaze Poker”

MPN is offering a new innovation to “Blaze Poker” that might actually be the first of its kind in the industry.  Whenever you win 20 raked hands playing Blaze Poker you automatically get launched into a mini-game that allows you to shoot a cannon at a house of cards and win money, and with a max of $100 being able to be won at the mini-game it can be very lucrative.  Whatever money you win at the game is automatically added to your stack at the table. It’s a combination of Angry Birds and Rush Poker that creates a unique experience that hasn’t been seen before. 

It is expected to pay out thousands of dollars each month and represents the first movement by any major network away from just classic forms of poker.  It’s unclear how this will be received by the recreational player and the professional grinder. Some worry that it might also slow the game down, but others are happy that people might try harder to win hands, thus fostering a lot of action.  Either way, it will be interesting to see how this new product fares with such an innovative style.

Full Tilt Poker Introduces “FLIP Satellites”

Full Tilt Poker once again introduced a new type of game to the masses, and this time it’s even quicker and more insane than anything else they have done, and this is coming from the site that launched RUSH Poker and made Hyper-Turbos famous.  FTP is running a new satellite to the Galloway UKIPT event that has a $1 million guaranteed prize pool; the satellite starts everyone with 1 chip and you are automatically put all-in blind.  There are no decisions, and there is no skill involved, it’s basically the poker form of a lottery.  They are running satellites from 180 man down to 9 man depending on the stake, and you don’t even have to be logged in to win the event.  FTP has changed poker to give everyone an equal shot at winning, and also provided a way to really enjoy yourself watching AA and KK lose again and again.

(Information from 2+2 and used in this article)

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