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Poker Table Ratings Plans to Offer Opt-In Service for PokerStars Players

Poker Table Ratings, the popular online data-mining service, has announced that it will launch a system where Poker Stars players will be given a choice to publish their statistics.  The data mining site has been developing the concept of the opt-in service for several months, but recent legal demands have forced the site to evolve at a quicker pace.  Poker Table Ratings has not announced a date for the launch of this service, but it has promised a dramatic change in the operation and offerings of the popular site in the upcoming weeks.

According to PTR, the opt-in service will hide player profiles as a default and will require explicit permission from the player to publicly reveal his or her data.  This system currently exists in a handful of tournament data tracking sites, including the popular Official Poker Rankings (OPR).  The opt-in service meets the terms of service of Poker Stars since it does not allow data to be viewed publicly without the players’ permission.

Last week, Poker Table Ratings was forced to remove all Poker Stars players profiles after a cease and desist letter was sent to the data mining company.  The data mining site had originally ignored poker operators’ wishes to be removed from the site.  However, Poker Stars, the largest operator of online poker, forced the hand of the site into changing its policies. 

 Lee Jones, Head of Home Games at Poker Stars, issued a statement through PokerNews that “a poker player shouldn’t have information and data about his opponent except from hands he’s actually played.”  Furthermore, he believes that the data mining service provided a bad environment for amateur and recreational players, who were discouraged from playing due to the realization of their losses or inappropriate comments from table mates. 

The new changes to Poker Table Ratings will satisfy the conditions of Poker Stars and many other poker operators. Furthermore, the changes should help boost the number of recreational and amateur players since tracking for these players will be much more difficult to obtain.  Nevertheless, Poker Table Ratings hopes that to continue providing data mining services to its players and is evolving its business to prevent further legal action.

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