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PartyPoker has decided to do away with Bad Beat Jackpot tables, abandoning the popular feature that allowed players to sometimes win a huge cash prize by losing with a hand of quad 8’s or better.

Players at PartyPoker recently received an email from customer support which explained that removing the jackpot tables was done to “ensure a healthier poker room, offering you better cash games and more players to play against.” 

A lucky player hit the site’s final bad beat jackpot last Friday. A brief scan of the PartyPoker lobby had “Jackpot” still listed under “Table Type,” however, no such tables were being offered. The management decision to remove the jackpot tables is said to be permanent.

The Bad Beat Jackpot has often been scorned by poker purists for bringing a lottery-type element to the game that depends purely on luck and requires no skill whatsoever. The jackpot was won by a player who lost with four 8’s or better to another player’s higher quads, straight flush, or royal flush. Both players were required to use both of their hole cards to qualify.

The jackpot was funded by taking $0.50 from each pot played on Bad Beat Jackpot tables throughout the site. The jackpot continued to grow until hit by a fortunate player. Of the jackpot, 70% was paid to players that were dealt cards in the hand, 20% was used to seed the next jackpot, and the remaining 10% was taken by PartyPoker as an administration fee. It is not known what PartyPoker plans to do with the 20% leftover that would have seeded the new jackpot.

Part of the reason for the Bad Beat Jackpot’s popularity was that all players at the table where the jackpot was hit became winners. Out of 70% of the entire jackpot paid to players, the player who lost the hand received 50%, the player who won the hand was awarded 25%, and the rest of the players dealt cards split the remaining 25%.

At PartyPoker, the jackpot typically increased by $1,000 per hour. By removing the Bad Beat tables, PartyPoker is seemingly attempting a new approach to increase players and liquidity. After all, removing money from the tables by taking a cut out of every pot can severely reduce the profitability of players. For those players who enjoy the Bad Beat Jackpot feature, Merge Gaming, 888 Poker and IPN/Boss Media networks still offer the game.


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