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Oops! Errs in Calculating Rakeback

Players in Nevada’s regulated online poker market had to contend with geolocation issues and credit card deposits that were sometimes not approved as typical problems to be dealt with upon the launch of the new poker sites. But getting shafted on rakeback was not expected to be one of the problems.

It turned out to be an issue at recently, which prompted a number of players to express their grievances at popular online poker forum 2 + 2. It seems that some rather lower-than-expected rakeback payouts were arriving in the online accounts of Nevada grinders.

The skimpy rakeback disbursements came to light on December 8 when began crediting player accounts with rakeback payments from a November promotion entitled Grinder Appreciation Month. The promo consisted of extra rakeback being doled out to players in addition to the typical amount of rakeback paid in the site’s VIP loyalty program.

The bonus rakeback structure was 10% for 100 raked hands a day played in 15 days during the month, 20% for 200 raked hands per day in 20 days, and 30% rakeback added for playing 500 raked hands each day during the entire month of November. But several grinders quickly realized that their efforts were not being properly appreciated by during Grinder Appreciation Month.

A thread on a sponsored support forum for at 2 + 2 began with this posting from ‘Jseeley,’ who copied and pasted an email received from the poker room. “Congratulations on achieving 20% of additional rakeback in’s celebration of the new Loyalty Program. You’ve earned 83.99 for your efforts in November. Nicely done. Keep an eye out for our next promo here. See you at the tables, The Team.”

‘Jseeley’ thought that April Fools Day had come early, as he posted, “Is this a joke? I rake this in a day easily.”

Several other grinders also added their 2 + 2 cents, having received similar emails and equally disturbing low rakeback payments for their hard work on the virtual felt at during November. This prompted the poker site’s Head of Poker, Bill Rini, to look into the matter.

“The guys who did the manual calculations for this promo screwed up,” ‘WSOPBill’ posted after reviewing the mathematics involved. “Not sure there’s a better term for it but how they calculated the rakeback was not how it was supposed to be calculated.”

As Rini later explained, calculations were mistakenly made on the percentage of rakeback received by players, as opposed to the rake received. It was just a misunderstanding in the formula used by those in charge of calculations and was never anybody’s intent to scam players.

“I’ve instructed them to go back and correct the calculations according to the supplied formula and you should see your accounts updated in roughly 24 to 48 hours,” ‘WSOPBill’ posted within 12 hours of the issue being brought to his attention.

Apparently, all’s well that ends well, as poster ‘trup_qq’ summed up the entire discrepancy. ” Mistakes happen, and this is still an awesome promo at the end of the day,” he wrote.



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