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Occupy Pokerstars - The Sit-Out Over Changes On Rake Attribution System

FlopTurnRiver has stated that a mass sit-out on Pokerstars, much similar to that seen at Occupy Wall Street, was quashed within a day of it’s existence.

The mass-sitout, to which many are now referring to as “Occupy Pokerstars” was a response to the poker sites decision to change their rake attribution system to a “contributed” model, as opposed to their previous “dealt” model.

Many players decided to take a stand against this policy change and planned the “sitout”, opening up the site maximum of twenty-four tables, taking a seat and immediately sitting out afterwards, to disrupt Pokerstars’ intake of rake and to let others know about the situation with the use of the chat boxes.

The differences have no impact to the amount of rake that will be taken from the tables, the same percentages to each pot still apply, and the same cap as to how much rake can be taken is the same. The big hit comes from the loss of VIP Player Points (VPP’s) and Frequent Player Points (FPP’s) a player can make at each table he plays.

To explain, if a 10-handed table saw two players go all-in for $50 each, totalling $100, the previous system would mean every player in the pot would get $0.50 worth of VPP’s and FPP’s, however, with the new “contributed” system in place, points only go to those who have entered money into the pot, so those who fold pre-flop and are not part of the blinds cannot get either points added to their balances.

For the regulars on the site, particularly those who play heavy volume and rely on the VPP’s and FPP’s for the milestone cash bonuses at the end (Supernova Elite is worth $110k to $115k to mass multi-tablers, in way of cash and tournament entries) it plays havoc on how much they would have to play in order to reach that goal, which can make poker a less profitable career choice for some with low return on investment.

Despite the attempt by the players to disrupt Pokerstars’ business, the retaliation by the site was to hit back hard, putting restrictions on the amount of tables certain players could enter, and even fully suspending a select few accounts. Within a day, it was back to business.

However, according to EGR Magazine, the mass sit-out might have given the players some hope, with Pokerstars inviting some players to their headquarters in the Isle of Man to discuss changes over the rake structure, and to look for a suitable balance for both parties. The story continues.

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