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News Bite: Bwin Announce Relaunch of PokerRoom

Bwin have announced the return of PokerRoom, according to EGR Magazine. PokerRoom was one of the first sites to have been produced for online poker back in 1999, and is to return in 2012 to real-money gaming. A surprise coming from a network that already owns Bwin Poker, and the popular poker site, PartyPoker.

Originally part of the Ongame Network, the product was purchased by Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment before it was closed down in April 2009. PokerRoom was known for it’s innovation to the online poker scene, being the first poker site to support a multitude of European languages, and the first poker site to produce poker for mobile phones.

A spokesperson from Bwin.Party stated:

“We were using the name as an affiliate and it had started to pull in traffic so we then decided to switch it back on – it literally was a case of simply flicking the switch.”

“It is essentially a soft-launch at the moment and we will see what happens from there on in. We’re testing the waters to see what level of interest there is.”

While it seems strange to produce another poker site while in control of one of the most popular sites today, PokerRoom still has a cult following, three years after shutting down. It could be that they are looking at having another site to establish themselves in the European market.

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