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New Web Series Offers Behind the Scenes Look at PokerStars

PokerStars is giving the poker community a behind the scenes look at their company headquarters and the people that make the world’s largest online poker site run smoothly.

Titled “Inside PokerStars,” the web video series offers visitors a first of its kind look at the inner workings of an online poker site and the activities that take place behind those walls.

In addition to pulling back the curtain on the Isle of Man headquarters, PokerStars Head of Corporate Communications Eric Hollreiser said he hopes the series, “provides a visual complement to our stellar customer support staff,” who Hollreiser said accounts for “more than 25% of our 1,700 full time staff around the world.”

This type of series is long overdue.

For far too long the online poker industry has been an industry of secrets. Little was known of their software and servers, the customer protections they had in place, or even the day-to-day happenstance that takes place at an online poker site’s headquarters.

PokerStars, under their new owners Amaya Gaming, seems intent on changing that with their web series.

Thus far three videos have been released, and all three shed light on parts of PokerStars and online poker that have never been brought to light before.

Here are the three videos and a brief explanation of what you’ll find in each.

Behind the Scenes at PokerStars HQ

Take a look behind the scenes at the home of PokerStars on the Isle of Man. This video was so well received that we realised that you, the player, wanted to know more about the business and the people who bring PokerStars to life on your screen. Inside PokerStars was born.


Episode 1: What kind of company is PokerStars?

James speaks to Eric Hollreiser, Head of Corporate Communications, about the history of the company, how its working ethos of putting the player first made it the world’s largest poker site, and where the future of PokerStars lies.

Episode 2: What does PokerStars do with your money?

Donna Crellin, Head of Treasury, explains how PokerStars protects your money after it’s been deposited. Spoiler alert! We keep your funds separate from operational funds and never let those streams cross.

Why these videos are important

For the average person browsing around YouTube, these videos will be similar to watching someone watching Bob Ross count marbles, but make no mistake about it, these are some of the most important and sorely needed videos in the online poker industry.

What the videos do is show the world (and all the rigtards and naysayers) that an online poker site isn’t run by five tech nerds from their grandmother’s garage. These videos show that PokerStars is much like any other multi-billion-dollar company, with a beautiful headquarters full of cubicles and executive offices. PokerStars has receptionists and security, and they probably even get together for 20 minutes to enjoy cake on their employees’ birthdays.

The videos show charitable endeavors, the incredible servers, including the CIA-like security measures in place to even access them, and a whole lot more.

Quite frankly, these videos are every cell phone waving lobbyist’s and politician’s worst nightmare as they paint a picture more akin to Google than to the nefarious den of “Bad Actors” they want us all to envision.

How this series came into being

The amazing thing is the series seems to have sprung up almost by accident.

Making this all the more interesting, PokerStars was one of the tighter lipped of the online poker companies, so these new glimpses into their operation is a breath of fresh air, and is precisely what is needed in the U.S. market in order to put the minds of players, lawmakers, and regulators at ease.

“A couple of months ago we released a video that took an exclusive behind the scenes look at the PokerStars HQ here on the Isle of Man,” Hollreiser said on the PokerStars blog.

“We thought people might be interested, but we didn’t realise how many,” Hollreiser added, indicating that the original video has more than 75,000 views on YouTube. And so the “Inside PokerStars” series was born.

Along with “Where do you keep your money?,” here is a look at some other topics that will be covered in the coming months as new episodes are released. “How do you prevent cheating on the site?” And “Who are you guys anyway?”

The one I’m waiting for is the behind the scenes look at the security department whose job it is to make sure the games are not being compromised by poker bots, colluders, and other nefarious characters.



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