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New Unibet Loyalty Program Coming Soon

Unibet’s standalone poker room has been running for a bit over two weeks now, but the site continues tinkering with ways to improve the online poker playing experience for grinders and recreational players alike.

Though the site’s aim is admittedly toward the casual crowd, grinders will be pleased to know that a more permanent loyalty program than the current plan running only for March is in the works. Recent posts at 2 + 2 by Unibet representative ‘Sciolist’ indicate that a new loyalty scheme could be in place by the 1st of April.

The new loyalty plan is not designed to coincide with April Fools Day, as most players who continue to flock to the site aren’t feeling foolish at all. While PokerScout estimates put Unibet among the top 30 in player traffic worldwide, Sciolist posted just a couple days ago that the number of players is actually “almost double what PokerScout have us at.”

Sciolist further prods players to “count for yourself if you go into the client and add up the numbers for all the cash games.” While that certainly would put an accurate total on the number of ring game players at any given moment, why not avoid all the discrepancy and provide a feed to PokerScout so that players interested in player pool liquidity can see for themselves by simply clicking on PokerScout?

In any event, a few peaks at the parameters of the new loyalty scheme reveal that it will be implemented on a quarterly basis, not monthly. Rewards will be paid out “as soon as you hit enough loyalty points, not wait til the next month.” It will be similar to the existing loyalty program in terms of payouts and will “continue with the philosophy of paying more to the top, more to the bottom, less to the middle,” Sciolist posted.

Unibet’s idea is to reward loyalty over the long term and not just on a monthly basis. In tune with the aim of promoting achievements, players will also “get loyalty points for finishing minor and major steps” as opposed to rewards only being based on the amount raked.

Minor steps will be of the pre-flop variety, such as winning ten hands in which you raised before the flop or after receiving pocket Aces five times, win or lose. Minor achievements are estimated to be accomplished in about 1,000 hands.

Major steps require roughly 10,000 dealt hands and are of a post-flop nature. Flopping trips using a pocket pair 35 times or taking your full house to a showdown 25 times are the examples used by the Unibet rep as major achievements.

Keep in mind those achievement requirements are not set in stone and complete details will be unveiled at the time the new loyalty scheme is instituted. But it’s relatively safe to assume that about 33% “of all rewards will be in the form of a playthrough bonus.” This is aimed at rewarding loyalty in the hopes that players will not stop playing after finishing a particular step.

The plan is for each player “to have a good loyalty page” so that goals, rewards and progress are clearly identified. In addition to the upcoming loyalty program, Sciolist indicated that a new software update is in place to be rolled out as early as today in order to fix some glitches and improve performance on the site.

At least one player expressed his gratitude toward Sciolist and the new Unibet, posting, “you are doing great job with all these new improvements IMO.” Identified on 2 + 2 as ‘zovkoj10,’ the happy Unibet player concluded his post by saying, “really enjoy playing, haven’t regret depositing.”



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