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New PartyPoker Logo and Branding

PartyPoker will soon launch their new brand identity, including new a new logo and software features, which will reflect a clean break from the past as Party move forward into a new and exciting product future.

PokerUpdate has been informed by a PartyPoker representative that their product is changing for the better, with a keen focus on improving the software in order to provide players with a unique, flexible and fundamentally enjoyable player experience.

In particular, key focus will be made on creating an oustanding social experience for players including some of the following social benefits:

  • A new and differentiated player experience by introducing missions and achivements.
  • Unique social features to be integrated in to the Party software.
In addition to new software changes and features, Party will launch a new logo. Although it maybe perceived as simplistic, Party have assured us that great thought and research has gone in to its development. The new logo represents a shift towards a new, innovative and enhanced social product. According to Party, The change of colour scheme to orange denotes positivity, new beginnings and possibilities. Clearly Party have taken a very zen-like and futuristic approach to their re-brand!
[quote text=”The change of colour scheme to orange denotes positivity, new beginnings and possibilities.” person=”PartyPoker representative” align=”left”]

Will the re-brand live up to expectations?

PartyPoker has been talking about re-branding for a long time now. Since leaving the U.S. market in 2006 as the market leader, Party has seen its traffic levels drop significantly. Recently, Party has dropped to as low as #5 in the PokerScout traffic rankings, behind Pokerstars, iPoker, FullTilt Poker and 888 respectively. Since merging poker traffic with bwin earlier this year and implementing skill-based player pool segregation, the network has continued to struggle to retain its dominance in the market. 

Furthermore, Party recently delved into social real money gaming by partnering with Zynga’s Plus Poker product. As of yet, the joint enterprise with Zynga has failed to make any significant dent in the market.

With such a rich heritage and some form of major legislation in the U.S. appearing inevitable, maybe this dramatic shift might render the brand which once ruled the roost unrecognisable in the new World of regulated online poker. Countless Americans would recognise Party’s soon to be former logos for their quirky and fun nature.

With its thin font and simple use of two colours, the new logo is subtle, sophisticated and modern. However, it arguably contrasts with Party’s brand values of excitement, fun and entertainment. Unlike the current logo, there is no indication that any kind of Party is taking place here.

Regardless of how the new logo may be perceived by the poker playing public, it’s clear that Party are determined to modernize online poker by innovating their product and really establishing a dramatic shift in to a new era.


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