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New iPoker Rake Calculation

In addition to the current methods of calculating rake (dealt, contributed and proportional), a new rake calculation will be available on the iPoker network—adjusted.

It distributes rake based on a player’s contribution to the pot and a score calculated by a proprietary algorithm. While appearing like an Essence-esque approach to rake calculation, iPoker’s adjusted method is more transparent and still provides players with high rates of return.

The adjusted rake calculation, which is expected to come into effect early next year after the network unveils a new round of software updates, is based on the following equations:

  • Player’s Score = (Contribution Percentile * Contribution Weight) + (Income Ratio Percentile * Income Ratio Weight)
  • Score Ratio = (Player’s Score) / (Sum of Scores),
  • Adjusted Player Rake = (Original Player Rake) * (1 – Adjusted Rake Weight) + Score Ratio * Game Rake * Adjusted Rake Weight
  • Contribution Percentile is between 1 and 100, where top positive contribution receives a score of 100 and lowest receives a score of 1.
  • Contribution Weight is a percentile to adjust the Total contribution of the player.
  • Income Ratio Weight is a percentile to adjust the Total Income of the player.
  • Income Ratio Percentile – calculation for positive and negative contributors is done separately. Here positive and negative is used in the sense of players contributing positive or negative in favor of the licensees. Total Contribution = Total Wins – Total Bets + Total Rake
  • Sum of Scores is calculated from all players’ score, whose rake contribution is > 0, i.e. the player with Original Player Rake > 0.
  • Original Player Rake is the player contribution rake according to the distribution method.
  • Game Rake is the total rake in the hand.
  • Adjusted Rake Weight is the rake percentage to be adjusted.

The scoring calculation is based on cash games only. Tournaments activity has no impact on scoring.

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Jamie Nevin