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Muchos Poker and Pivgame Sever Contract in Legal Squabble

The Pivgame Network and multi-platform affiliate Muchos Poker are facing a legal battle after their working relationship ended following allegations of lack of payment by one and breach of contract by the other.

Muchos employs a centralised cashier system that allows players to choose to play among various networks and transfer money freely throughout those networks. Pivgame holds a Malta operator’s license and had provided Muchos’ players with accessibility to several networks. The dispute apparently began when Pivgame attempted unsuccessfully to open up its own poker room on 888, where Muchos is already operating. A Pivgame representative told Muchos to close its room on 888, citing “unfair competition,” eGaming Review reported.

“Pivgame has ended the contract with Muchos on the 29th October 2012 due to evident breaches of contract by the sub-licencee in question,” said a Pivgame statement. “Pivgame, as a holder of five Maltese Licences, will take legal action in order to defend its own interest under the Maltese Judicial Authority for the actions of [Muchos].”

This led to accusations by Muchos that Pivgame has been tardy in making its payments. “Over the last three months we have tried to recoup what they owe us,” Muchos Poker chief executive Tim Heath said. “We have been getting things ready on our side and had planned to terminate the agreement ourselves this week, but they beat us to the punch.”

Prior to the squabble, Pivgame had permitted players on Muchos to access IGT Poker, Merge, Everleaf, Revolution, Enet and Casino di Venezia networks. In addition to 888, Muchos also sends players to skins on iPoker1, iPoker2 and Ongame, and will continue to do so. Plans are in the works for Muchos to add the Microgaming Network to its offerings, as well as launching a site on the Revolution Network sometime this month.

Pivgame assures that player funds are safe and released a statement which said: “In order to safeguard the interests of the players, Pivgame has transferred all the player accounts registered on Muchos Poker with their relative balances, because the player accounts belong to the licencee Pivgame Ltd.”

The Muchos Poker website has been updated, advising players that “any funds held in Pivgame rooms are safe and you will be able to withdraw these funds from the Piv cashier,” and explains the steps required to do so. “Overall, this is a really positive step forward for our players and will see a huge increase in the customer friendliness of the Muchos Platform.”



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