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MPN Explains Network Silence

A recent blog post at the MPN website detailed the reasons why the network remains silent with regard to player concerns, explaining simply that each poker site within the network has a duty to appease its customers and MPN often doesn’t know the answers to player questions.

Apparently, a reason for the post was to respond to inquiries from a number of players as to why MPN fails to survey players within the network and chooses not to participate in online poker forums in which player concerns are addressed. Alex Scott, the Head of Poker at Microgaming, was quite forthright in a blog published today in which he stated that poker operators within the network are responsible to their own players while the network is beholden to the skins themselves.

Poker players are not the MPN’s customers,” Scott stated. “Our customers are poker operators, to whom we provide software and related services. Poker players are a step further removed – they are our operator’s customers. The MPN doesn’t register players. We don’t hold players’ money (ever, even for a second).”

Scott goes on to further say that the player database of each poker site is its largest asset. No information regarding individual players is shared with MPN, unless a matter of cheating or fraudulent activity needs to be investigated. Those databases are diligently protected by each operator and MPN respects that privacy.

If you were to ask us how much money was in your account – we wouldn’t know,” Scott continued. “If you were to ask us how long it was going to take to unlock your pending bonus – we couldn’t answer. Almost every customer query couldn’t be answered by us. Operators have the information, but we don’t.”

While it may appear to some players that MPN’s silence with regard to player concerns shows that the network doesn’t care, Scott advises that the exact opposite is true. MPN cares very much, but is not permitted to comment on matters pertaining to players because the poker sites or operators do not want them to.

Operators want to control the way their brand is exposed to the public, who communicates on their behalf, and what tone that person uses.” Scott insisted. “To put it bluntly, operators don’t want us to mess this up.”

The MPN rep goes on to say that he would love to be able to post on online poker forums. Doing so opens up the lines of communication and shows concern for the opinions of players. However, the network simply cannot do so because the players are not MPN’s customers, as they fall under the domain of the skins operating within the network.

The post at MPN was a way to show players that the network does care. It is MPN’s “way of sharing the team’s thoughts and ideas with the poker community. It may be one-way communication, but surely that’s better than no communication at all,” Scott stated, adding, that he hopes the post “will help us to improve our product and the game offering that we offer to operators’ customers.”



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