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MPN Bad Beat Jackpot Suspended at €921,603.29

One of the highest Bad Beat Jackpots in the history of online poker has been suspended and will resume on March 19 after new changes have been implemented.

Currently sitting at €921,603.29 at MPN, formerly the Microgaming Network, the jackpot will be revamped. The first change will reduce the qualifying hand from four 8’s or better to four deueces or better. Naturally, this will allow the jackpot to be hit more frequently.

The next change calls for the jackpot to be available on all cash game tables starting at €0.10/€0.20c and higher. But no longer will €0.50 be taken from each pot. Instead, the jackpot will be funded and won on an “opt in” basis. Each player who opts in will contribute €0.02 to the jackpot from each hand. All players who are opted in at the same stake in which the jackpot is won will be included in the payout.

“The new Bad Beat Jackpot structure will see many more players share in the prize pool and because it will hit more often we’ll boost many more bankrolls as a result,” said Andy Horne, BetVictor’s head of poker.

If the players involved when the jackpot hits have not opted in, players who have opted in at the same stake will still receive their prize money. However, the shares reserved for the bad beat winner or loser will go toward seeding the next jackpot. Also, MPN has decided not to assess an administration fee on the jackpot payout. In other words, 100% of the jackpot will be distributed to player accounts.

A total of 40% will go to the losing hand, 20% is reserved for the winning hand, 10% will be doled out to opted in players seated at the same table where the jackpot hits, another 10% will be distributed to MPN players seated at the same stake as the jackpot table, and the remaining 20% will seed the next Bad Beat Jackpot.

Bad Beat Jackpots have fallen out of favor among online poker sites recently. Both PartyPoker and the Merge Gaming Network did away with the concept last year. One reason for doing so was to prevent segregation between Bad Beat and non-Bad Beat Jackpot tables, as such a scheme reduces player liquidity.

MPN hopes to avoid the segregation problem with its opt in system by allowing players at all cash game tables the option to participate in the jackpot or not.



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