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Microgaming to introduce new rake model

“True value”, the new rake system to be implemented by the Microgaming poker network on July 1st, sees rake allocated based on a variety of factors which will give greater value to new players.

According to EGR Magazine, “Under the new dual-layer system – laying one rake allocation method directly on top of another – the software provider claims it will allocate rake to operators “Based upon volume, activity and win/loss ratio.” “. 

The system will give each individual player a certain value, with new players holding a greater value. The hope is that this encourages operators to attract new recreational players to their brands.

No negative effect on serious poker players earning through rake-based promotions

Lydia Melton, head of Microgaming’s head of network games, explains that “What sets True Value apart from other networks’ solutions to the valuation problem is that it uses a dual layer system, which does not impact the players themselves. Any players earning rake-based promotions, like bonuses, will clear those promotions at the same rate on True Value as on the current method.”

By introducing this new rake system, Microgaming are taking a bold and welcome step toward improving the network ecology by encouraging operators to market to recreational players. The move follows new enterprises on the network including anonymous tables and fast poker offerings both aimed at improving the user-experience of poker to ultimately make the game more fun and enjoyable experience. 


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