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Lock Poker: What is the Current Situation? New Network, Pure Poker, and Payment Developments

In the past two weeks, the situation with Lock Poker has become exceptionally muddled and unclear. Some of this comes from a lack of good and transparent information, and other amounts of it come from questionable marketing techniques by those parties involved. The fact is that things are much different now than they were two weeks ago. For many players it has turned out to actually be a good thing, while many are still skeptical of what the future holds. To help sort everything out, this article will look at the issues surrounding the Lock Poker/Revolution split, Pure Poker, and the current climate at Lock Poker. All of them are interrelated and are important to one another, which is at least some of the explanation as to why there is so much confusion surrounding the situation.

Lock Poker and Revolution Gaming Split

As has become custom at Lock Poker, this was not an amicable split. When Lock Poker left Merge Gaming just over two years ago, there were a lot of accusations thrown around on both sides and the split seemed pretty hostile. No one was really sure what side was to blame and what side was actually telling the truth. Fast-forward to right now and you once again have that same situation. Lock Poker is saying that Revolution Gaming is to blame for players not getting paid in a timely fashion and that their brand has been tarnished through little or no fault of their own. Of course, Revolution Gaming has a very different opinion and claims that Lock Poker owes a significant sum of money to the network.

Any further specifics are pretty hard to come by and are even more difficult to verify. Some seem to believe that the amount Lock owes is in the six-figure range, while others are of the opinion that it is closer to seven figures. Of course, there are others that tend to think that Revolution Gaming is more to blame than Lock Poker itself. It’s hard to make a true judgment because neither side can really say much, but the fact of the matter is there are a lot of players that have not been paid by Lock Poker and Revolution Gaming has other skins that also have not paid players. Neither company looks completely clean in this entire situation.

Now that the dust has settled, it has become clear that Lock Poker is trying to change its stripes. It has rebranded itself as Lock Poker 2.0, has new software, and has potentially improved cashout times (more on that later). The software has been getting pretty good reviews from players and some have said that it is second only to PokerStars, while others aren’t near as warm on it. Some have also questioned how Lock managed to afford the software because of how bad cashouts have been. But of course, that won’t be divulged by the owners even though they have said that they have been working on this software for a while now.

What is Pure Poker?

To add to the confusion, a new Revolution skin was added to the network called Pure Poker. While adding another skin generally doesn’t cause confusion, Pure Poker was automatically downloaded to players’ computers when they tried to upgrade to Lock 2.0. This served to befuddle a lot of customers. Further, Pure Poker also has decided to offer 50% of a player’s balance “stuck” on Lock Poker. This money is delivered in a clearable bonus that clears at a 50% rate and players are also being gifted $50 to start playing. 

Since they are not the same company and don’t belong to the same network anymore, taking the 50% freeroll actually doesn’t affect your Lock account in any way. Further, some players have reported lying about having money stuck on Lock Poker and getting Pure Poker to give them the bonus. While no one would condone this, it does create some fear that this offer is far too good to be true. The fact that there is no fact-checking and players can seemingly say whatever they want and get credited money seems like a questionable business model.

It’s impossible to completely discount the site though, because Revolution has been improving lately. Juicy Stakes was bought by a mysterious company rumored to be Intertops Poker and has started paying out again. If Pure Poker was also bought by the same company that runs Juicy Stakes or Intertops, then there is a chance that this site might be legitimate and they are more concerned with gaining players’ trust than preventing getting scammed. Also, it’s possible that they will check players’ accounts before they cashout or once they get more time, seeing as they are a new site.

Latest Developments at Lock Poker

Lock Poker has seen its share of interesting changes in the past two weeks, more than just the moving of networks. Shane, the former Lock representative on 2+2, contacted a member of 2+2 that has been keeping track of all the people owed money and offered to insure that everyone get their money quickly.  Initially, there was some discussion if players should take this offer as Lock might just pay out these players to trick everyone into thinking that they are actually a reliable company again. It turned out that most players took the offer to send Shane their information, but a few players did decide to withhold their information even though they had been waiting for over half a year for payment. They figure that if Lock is really serious about paying players, then they will get their money. If they don’t get their money, then Lock wasn’t serious in the first place.

On the payment front things took a pretty odd turn. Lock announced that they are no longer taking deposits via Skrill so that they can sort out payment issues and get everyone paid. This is a pretty odd thing to do and makes some people think they are either running away with what money they have or they have the money already and are really going to fix things. That latest statement gained some steam in the past few days with a few players reporting that they had received Skrill payments from Lock Poker that had been pending since June 6th or before and other players saying they had received emails saying that they would receive a check in 7-10 days.

This is still a very long way from repaying everyone. With more than 100 people waiting to be paid out and all having waited over 180 days and many more significantly longer than that, there is little reason to begin to really trust them. The movement, though, is important for players with large sums, or any sums, on the site, because there is some hope for the future.

The situation surrounding Lock and Revolution is confusing to many people, but hopefully this article helped shed some light on what is actually happening. As things continue to develop, PokerUpdate will keep you posted and provide some analysis to what players should be thinking about what is going on. Right now, things are still very bad for Lock players, but that might change in 4-6 months. Only time will tell.

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