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Lock Poker Silent Regarding PPA Letter

More than a week has passed since the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) sent a letter to Lock Poker requesting that site representatives begin a constructive dialogue with the players’ rights organization concerning Lock’s much-publicized payment processing deficiencies.

To no one’s surprise, Lock has thus far not answered the inquiries of the PPA, choosing instead to remain silent on the issue. This is par for the course according to 2 + 2 forum posts of players, some of whom have been waiting well over a year for payment of outstanding funds.

In a recent PPA update, it was made clear that the letter was sent at the behest of Lock players who were hoping that the PPA would have better results with regard to prompting Lock to come clean. It was also pointed out that the letter was a means in which the poker-playing public and the industry as a whole would become aware of the “extreme risk of depositing on Lock Poker.”

Our letter was intended to put on notice everyone who continues to serve as a marketing affiliate for Lock Poker that their continued support of the company is clearly no longer acceptable to the player community,” said the PPA update. “We strongly urge any company or website that continues to promote Lock Poker to cease their arrangement with the company until its customers are paid what they are owed. Taking such steps at this time is the right thing to do to show that the poker community will not tolerate an online poker site that is unresponsive to players’ financial rights.”

A number of Lock players owed money, a sum that has been documented to be near $1 million, were not entirely impressed with the efforts of the PPA. Several felt that the PPA’s actions were too little and too late.

However, the PPA stressed that such efforts of recouping player funds are typically “not a traditional role for the organization.” The PPA tends to use its limited resources toward “advancing legislation that will appropriately license and regulate poker and Internet poker across the U.S.”

Whether or not Lock ever responds to the PPA inquiries (don’t count on it), the organization has certainly accomplished its goal of spreading the word about Lock’s failure to pay and its status as a shady site that both players and affiliates should completely avoid. Those who continue to patronize and do business with Lock Poker are doing so at their own risk.

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Charles Rettmuller

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