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Lock Poker Segregates Player Pool

Revolution Gaming Network’s largest skin Lock Poker has segregated its player pool at cash table stakes of $1/$2 ($200 NLHE) and above. The US-facing site implemented the changes in early February and has made further developments since that time.

Initially, Lock Poker representatives claimed that the partition would be a trial for the higher stakes tables. However, players soon found out that the trial developed into a permanent development that would affect lower stakes as well. Lock representative Shane Bridges posted that the site will segregate $1/$2 No Limit Hold ‘Em tables today and promised that it would be the last extension of this segregation for the “foreseeable future”.  

Lock Poker believes the “partition” of player pools will create a better balance of regular and casual players. Representative Shane Bridges posted on TwoPlusTwo that the site has “portioned some our higher stakes based on our current size and our soft poker ecology to better care for our players.” He further stated that the development will benefit the poker site in the long term.

The partition of Lock Poker has drawn the ire of several regular players in the TwoPlusTwo forums. These players have unanimously expressed their displeasure with this change and have questioned the logic and motive behind the move. Some players have suggested that this “partition” resulted from the steady decline of the site and the difficulties of payment processing. Although Bridges has attempted to refute these claims, players still believe that this segregation has very little basis on customer satisfaction or improvement.

The Revolution Gaming skin has faced several issues and displeasure from its declining player pool. Lock Poker was able to gain a large player base after the Black Friday indictments as a member of the Merge Gaming Network. The site was able to gain a large player base given its relative ease of payment processing and a solid set of promotions including the popular “Ronin”. After splitting with the Merge Network, the skin acquired various assets of the Cake Poker Network and created the Revolution Gaming network in May 2012.

However, the success of Lock Poker has also come with substantiated claims of its possible rogue business practices. Several players have claimed that the site refused to process payment requests. Players have posted threads such as “I am an idiot…Don’t be An Idiot” and “You are all part of a Psychological Experiment” chronicling the woes that they have faced with this site.  BoDog owner Calvin Ayre even wrote a rare article making harsh claims against Lock CEO Jennifer Lawson.

Lock Poker has also experienced trouble with processing payments and announced a 10 week minimum wait on any withdrawals. Players have complained about the difficulty of withdrawing funds and have left the site due to this issue. The site also recently had some issues with its ISPT qualifying tournaments that resulted in two entrants and server issues.

Despite the mounting issues and claims, Lock Poker continues to be one of the few options for United States players who are eagerly awaiting legislation. Lock Poker ranks 12th worldwide in the Poker Scout traffic rankings and remains one of the largest sites available to the United States. However, recent developments and the continuing deterioration of customer relations have truly hurt the poker skin’s reputation.

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