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Lock Poker Player Accounts Total Over $3 Million

While it is known by regular PokerUpdate readers that hundreds of players at Lock Poker are waiting for almost $1 million in cashout requests, it has been further revealed that those same players have another $2.2 million in their accounts at Lock, bringing the total amount owed to more than $3 million.

2 + 2 poster ‘IHasTehNutz’ has been dutifully compiling the unpaid funds and account balances of Lock players and recently posted that information on While 394 players have requested withdrawals that have been languishing for months, 205 of those players have additional money in their Lock accounts ($2.2 million) that is in jeopardy of never being reimbursed.

Keep in mind also that those 394 players willfully submitted their information to IHasTehNutz. There may be hundreds more who have not done so.

Don’t Patronize Lock Poker

IHasTehNutz has been tracking the forlorn withdrawal requests of Lock players since May 2013 and began tallying the funds sitting in the accounts of those players since August. More than $941,000 is owed in unprocessed cashouts. Of the over $2.2 million idle in player accounts, more than $1.7 million belongs to players residing outside of the U.S.

The majority of the pending cashouts are over a year old, with the last payout received by a player listed as April of this year. The last time a non-U.S. player on the list of IHasTehNutz reported receiving funds from a cashout request was in November 2013.

Players are again reminded to avoid depositing and playing at Lock Poker unless your aim is to join the list of unpaid players. A letter from the Poker Players Alliance to Lock Poker management in April requesting answers to the unprocessed withdrawals has not emitted a response from the site.



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