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iPoker Software Upgrade Includes Cash Game Timebanks

The iPoker Network recently enhanced their poker software with the roll out of a timebank feature at cash tables, which players at the industry’s leading network have long been clamoring for.

Previously available only for tournament action, the timebanks are now a ring game feature and can be activated either automatically or manually, depending on player preferences. When the normal amount of time to make crucial decisions is reaching its expiration, iPoker cash players can now use their timebanks and be afforded additional time in which to call, bet, raise or fold.

There is also the ability to customise the timebank to only kick in when a player is pot dependent. In other words, the timebank will be employed automatically if cash or chips have been invested in the pot.

The software of mostly all reputable poker rooms and networks has long ago included timebanks, so iPoker grinders who had previously experienced frustration at the lack of this necessary feature when playing for cash will now be up to speed in comparison. Timebanks are crucial for multi-tablers, whose attention is divided among many tables simultaneously and sometimes requires more time to make decisions at certain tables.

The latest iPoker upgrade also includes toast notifications that allow players to make decisions when it is their turn to act without actually navigating back to the table. Pop-ups that appear near the taskbar notify players and give vital hand information such as pot size, player stack size, hole cards, and the board.

Given its name due to the similarity of bread popping up in the toaster when browned, the toast notifications can also be customised to pop up on cash tables, tourney tables, or both. Players also have the option of adjusting the setting to receiving the pop-ups after either the hole cards or community cards are dealt, or whenever it is their turn to act.

More avatar choices are available at iPoker rooms following this latest upgrade as well. This is hardly worth mentioning, considering that the cash game timebanks and toast notifications will be seen by many multi-tablers as a huge improvement that will make grinding at iPoker skins such as PaddyPowerPoker and Betfair less frustrating and much easier.

iPoker is second in cash game player traffic worldwide and enjoys the distinction of being the top-ranked online poker network, according to PokerScout. The enhanced software features such as the cash game timebanks may attract more players and enable iPoker to retain that ranking.



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Charles Rettmuller

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