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iPoker Set to Update Network Policy

iPoker is set to update network policy, according to sources close to parent company Playtech. The changes, which will come into effect January 2013, include outlining requirements for fish-to-reg ratios.

To reach the top tier, operators must sustain a monthly base of 6,000 active players and introduce 850 new players each month, as well as maintain a balance between recreational and winning players.

The total number of players on the iPoker network will be evaluated on a daily basis and a score will be assigned to every player on the network.

iPoker, which underwent a network split earlier this autumn, is also establishing requirements for operators to “engage in positive, proactive marketing with the aim of constantly attracting new registered end users, while maintaining a balanced player population.”

1. Performance criteria audit – the ongoing audits will continue to take place on a monthly basis as follows…

  • Exclusion of operators from the network’s main liquidity pool will be executed on a monthly basis.
  • Inclusion of operators into the network’s main liquidity pool will be executed upon meeting the performance criteria on three consecutive monthly audits, from the first month on which an operator has met all three criteria.

2. In order to maximize the mutual liquidity potential of the network’s liquidity pools, iPoker will remove all private cash tables at the end of December 31, 2012. Starting in January 2013 new private cash tables requests will not be accepted for four months.



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