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iPoker Network Releases Details Regarding Upcoming Changes

The iPoker Network released more concrete details regarding its optimization plan that will provide players with a “better and simpler poker offering.”

Those were the words of iPoker Network Operations Manager Asaf Younger about 10 days ago when he told PokerUpdate that the world’s top online poker network looked at statistics and market trends and realized that changes were in order to benefit players. Playtech-owned has now outlined the specifics of those changes.

The first order of business is the removal of USD tables. USD SitNGos and MTTs of lower profiles will begin converting to EUR on November 25. By January 1, 2014, American currency for all tournament action will be completely removed.

Cash tables will see the conversion process to EUR begin on January 6, 2014 with all Stud and Speed Hold’em games, along with micro-limit Omaha and Texas Hold’em action. All remaining cash tables will eliminate USD one week later on January 13.

The next change entails reducing certain game types and stakes. As it stands now, iPoker offers seven different table types at two speeds and in three currencies. Due to the recent implementation of time banks, iPoker has determined that a consolidation plan is in order to bring about greater efficiency.

Beginning on December 2, only the four table types of Shallow (20 – 50BBs), Normal (40 – 100BBs), Ante (100BBs, antes) and Anonymous (30 – 100BBs) will be in play. Time banks of 20 seconds will be allowed for Speed Hold’em and No-Limit Hold-em, while 25 seconds will be permitted for Omaha.

Also in the works is the conversion of 10-max SitNGos to 9-max. Some SitNGos will be removed altogether, such as those that feature more than 18 players.

Tables at certain stake levels will also be removed, such as all limits of full Fixed-Limit Hold’em ring games and all heads-up No-Limit tables above 5/10. Nosebleed action at Omaha and No-Limit also got axed, leaving only 6-max 50/100 NL and full ring action at stakes of 200/400 at NLHE.

Those changes will begin on December 2, with completion expected on December 9. The implementation is seen by the network as being cost-effective after making a careful study with regard to the popularity of stake levels among players.




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