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iPoker Network Confirms Rake Change

One of Europe’s largest poker network’s, iPoker, has confirmed today that they will change to a ‘weighted contribution rake system’.

A change has been rumoured for several months and will be implemented on March 1st, 2012. It was originally rumoured that an ‘Essence’ style system would replace their current average contributed system, however it now seems this decision has been overruled.

The Playtech owned network plans to unveil a series of software updates before rolling out the rake change. It is clear iPoker are determined to become a poker network for the masses. A number of their proposed changes will give the network a facelift and are sure to result in more enjoyable, friendly games with a number of exciting new features.

iPoker currently uses an average contributed rake system to determine how much rake a player has contributed to the pot. While it’s widely agreed that average contributed is fairer than the original dealt rake method (which almost all poker rooms originally used), cynics believe it can still be exploited by short stack players. Indeed, this type of exploitation is possible since an average contributed rake system divides total rake paid equally amongst every player that has seen the flop, regardless of how much a player has individually contributed towards the pot.

PokerUpdate were the first to report PokerStars recent change from a dealt to weighted contributed rake method. Overall, the change was not received positively by the poker community who demonstrated that such a system resulted in lower overall VIP payments being made by Stars. The majority of players agreed that the dealt method of rake was unfair, however, they argue that the new method will apportion a greater percentage of rake to low VIP players who will not be able to benefit in a significant way.

A weighted contributed rake system determines rake paid by calculating how much each player has contributed to the pot. If a player has contributed 1/4 of the pot they will be deemed to have paid 1/4 of the rake.

It is likely that the weighted contributed system will be welcomed by regs as it is less drastic than the previously rumoured ‘Essence’ type system which has likely deterred thousands of players from the struggling OnGame network who are set to lose close to half of their liqudity when BWIN migrate to PartyGaming’s poker platform.

Although Pokerstars recent change has been demonstrated to have significant effects on rake calculations, the change from average contributed to weighted contributed has been demonstrated to be far less severe.

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