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iPoker 2: Cash Game Split

It was believed that the iPoker split would go something like this: Some of the larger iPoker skins would break off to create a “new” network, which would include all of the available games on the existing network—plus a bunch of exclusive “ring-fenced” cash games up to 2/4.

It appears, however, that this is not the case. 

iPoker 2 Launch – What has happened?

The change came into effect today, and what we’ve seen is a large split between the two player pools for all cash games up to 2/4. Despite many of the table names remaining the same, the player pools appear almost completely separate. We found a full 6-Max game running at €0.10/.20 on a table named ‘Agrana’ firstly on Dafa Poker and then on on PaddyPower, which we know is on the new ‘iPoker 2’ network. Despite the table having the same name and stakes, the players at the table were completely different.

We don’t know for certain if the cash game player pool is completely divided (some tables may still share players), but we’ll let you know soon.

And what about tournaments?

We checked the 6-Max and 9-Max SnGs and from our first tests these appear to be the same across both networksthere’s been no divide for 6-to-9 Max SnGs. Any division here would be at the lower levels, and from what we can see it’s the same player pool across the board.

However, Heads-Up SnGs appear to have been split across the network for all stakes including and up to the €30 level.


Most importantly, the change means that there’s now effectively a whole new network for cash games at 2/4 and below (all currencies). If you’re playing poker at Dafa Poker or any other skin who hasn’t made the change over, then you’re playing against an almost entirely different player pool. There may be some tables that still share the same players, but most will be different.

In theory the “new” iPoker network should be appealing and bountiful, attracting larger recreational player pools through the sportsbooks.




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